Monday, 24 January 2011

Brighton Uncut Meeting

From the Facebook event:

Are you ready to take action against corporate tax dodgers? OR would you like to know a bit more, before you commit yourself?

Either way, we welcome you to this, our first public meeting.

We plan to show some films of previous Brighton Uncut actions and share experiences.
Then we want to plot and plan for future actions. That's where you come in. Together we can identify targets and discuss tactics before knuckling down to make it happen.

To make it happen, we need the following skills – and we know you have them: graphic design for posters and flyers, film makers and photographers to document, legal observers, banner painters, prop makers, and lots of people who don’t take no for an answer. A cavalier attitude to getting arrested could be helpful, but it’s by no means essential. There are plenty of other roles to suit those who for all manner of reasons need to keep their slates clean.

We also need some cake for the meeting – which we plan to sell off to cover the costs of the hall. Vegan or otherwise is fine – just let us know what’s in your donation. Tea will be served.

The meeting proper kicks off at 7.00pm. We expect to be finished by 9.00pm withtime spare for some sort of training if those present demand it.

Sharing is caring – spread the word. Invite your friends.
The meeting will be facilitated using consensus decision making. There will be no hierarchy. All ages and abilities are welcome.

Note to journalists – please make yourselves known at the top of the meeting. We can then ensure individuals privacy while helping you get your story.

Undercover coppers you are seriously Unwelcome. So go away.

Thursday, 20 January 2011